A Study Use Of Waste Plastic Materials In Flexible Pavements

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Batthina Sathyanarayana, Dr.B. Manoj


Plastic trash and its disposal pose a significant environmental problem, resulting in pollution and global warming. The addition of plastic debris to bituminous mixes improves both the characteristics and the strength of the mixture. It will also be a solution for plastic disposal and other pavement faults such as potholes, corrugation, ruts, and so on. Bitumen mixtures used in flexible pavements were found to work well with plastic as a binder. This effective procedure aids in the resistance of pavements to greater temperatures by limiting the creation of cracks and rainfall infiltration, which would otherwise contribute to the formation of potholes. Plastic roads would be a boon for India’s hot and extremely humid climate, where temperatures frequently cross 50°C and torrential rains create havoc, leaving most of the roads with big potholes In conventional road making process bitumen is used as binder. Such bitumen can be modified with waste plastic pieces and bitumen mix is made, which can be used as a top layer coat of flexible pavement. This waste plastic modified bitumen mix show better binding property, stability, density and more resistant to water

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