“A Study Of The Extent And Causes Of Dropouts In Primary Schools Withs Pecial Reference To S.C And S.T Of North Karnataka”

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Dr.Vijayalaxmi.B.Pawar, Dr.U.K.Kulkarn, P.D.F, Scholar (ICSSR), Associate Professor


The problem of dropout has been continually troubling the primary education system not only in India but in other developing countries also. Dropout does not mean mere rejection of school by children. It lead to wastage of the funds invested in school buildings, Teacher’s salaries, equipment textbooks, and so on. It also means the existence of some deficiencies in the organization of the primary education system. The subject of dropout or wastage has been studied in India and other countries over the past 70 years and many of the reasons for this educational malady are known. However, it is not easy to deal with the malady because its origin lies partly within the system itself which has been designed by scholars, politicians and administrators. The intentions may beyond reproach but the major lacuna in their designs has been the absence of a comprehensive dialogue with the people to understand their perception of education and of the place of the child in the family. This is the reason why several developing countries are now recognizing the primary education system so as to make it people-oriented, instead of official- oriented. 

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