Employee Performance Based on Technical Competency Development Through Education and Training (EaT) as Panacea

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Jumalia Mannayong, Haedar Akib, Hamsu Abdul Gani, Siti Hasanah Nasution, Daniati


The State Civil Apparatus (SCA) who master the technical competence in their field of duty can show good performance. The results of this study explain the development of technical competence as the basis for improving the performance of SCA in Makassar City, Indonesia. This descriptive research was conducted to explain the meaning behind the reality of the performance of SCA in carrying out their main duties, functions, and roles as public servants. Data obtained by using observation and documentation techniques to be processed and analyzed descriptively. The results showed that the improvement of the performance of SCA at the Regional Personnel Board (RPB) of Makassar City was carried out through strengthening and developing technical competencies through Education and Training (EaT) as a Panacea. The strengthening and development of SCA's technical competence are carried out through increasing the qualifications of education and training, functional technical training, increasing and expanding work experience in various fields of assignment. The strengthening and development of technical competencies support increasing the professionalism and integrity of SCA in carrying out their main tasks, functions, and roles as state servants and public servants.

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