Acculturative Stress and Well-Being: Need of Study among Students of Higher Education in India

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Malsawmkimi, Dr. Abha Shree


The phenomenal increase in internationalization for pursuing higher education is seen globally and within the states of India in recent years. Many students face challenges due to the processes of acculturation, which adversely affect the well-being of students. Several studies have focused on migrants and international students studying abroad; however, previous studies have not yet amply focused on students of higher education. There is still a lack of research on acculturative stress and its effect on higher education students’ well-being. The primary purpose of this article is to advocate the essentiality of studying acculturative stress and the adverse impact it has on the well-being of higher education students of India. Further, it tries to enlighten the administrators and educators’ paramount importance in taking effective measures for identifying and improving the status of well-being influenced by acculturative stress among higher education students moving from state to state within the country.

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