Institutional Islamic Takaful Through Qard Hassan And The Role Of The Islamic Media In Achieving It

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Dr.Abeer Esa Ahmad Al Saleem


The Islamic financial industry is achieving progress and success through the integration of its institutions and bodies and the durability in its intellectual and intentional building, but this progress was at the expense of the Takaful human side, and this study aims to create and develop an integrated concept that contributes to building a viable Takaful institutional product through qard hassan The benefit from the Islamic financial experience and bridging the gap in the Takaful aspect in light of the increasing accusations directed at Islamic banks about their material inhumane goals, and to achieve this, I have taken both the inductive approach and the deductive analytical approach, spending the power and energy in it, using the sayings and suggestions of scholars, thinkers and specialists studying And he scrubbed her.

The research came out with a set of results, the most prominent of which is the saying of the importance of qard hassan and its ability to achieve sustainable development for small and medium finance, and these experiences also demonstrated the possibility of overcoming the obstacles and risks facing qard hassan financing as the problem of non-payment of the loan, the study was able to build an integrated perception of the use of qard hassan institutionally from Through the qard hassan fund, which has many and varied resources, as it showed the role of the media in achieving the Islamic Takaful.


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