Empirical Analysis on Assessment of Effective Performance Factors for A Corporate Organization- A Road Map for Effective Solutions

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Sajid Ahmed Mohamed, Kinslin, Ph.D


Corporate business is a key economic indicator for any nation globally.  Corporates in a real sense turn a project from darkness to the gloominess by developing a strategic plan and carrying out various technical and economic analyses. This study aims to investigate the major causes of actual efficiency drop and further to identify the factors for efficiency improvement in the corporates business processes. Survey-based feedback and analytical design is utilized to achieve the research aim. Questions arising out of the business problems were communicated and feedback was analyzed and discussed. Secondary data from the literature in the form of Business Domain Variables were utilized for finalization of the questionnaire by eliminating, combining, and revising the identified variables. Factor Analysis and frequency analysis using SPSS were performed to analyze the data. The analysis unveils significant variables impacting the efficiency of the corporate via factor loading in Factor Analysis. The study contributes towards corporate business success via the identification of significant business process variables.

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