A Study On Worklife Balance

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Mrs. Sunitha V, Dr.Sai Kumari V, Kirteeka Mohapatra, Jayakavi N, Keerthivasan V


Work-Life Balance Is Considered To Be Important For Both, Professional Life And Private Life. Demands Of Work And Family Life Cause Conflict And Negatively Affect The Wellbeing Of Employees. This Study Is Focusing On Assessing The Impact Of Work-Life Balance Determined By Work-Family Conflict And Family Work Conflict On The Wellbeing Of Individuals.

The Study Identified The Existence Of Negative Effects On Poor Work Life Balance Determined By High Levels Of Work- Family Conflict And Family-Work Conflict On Family Satisfaction. This Study Also Confirmed Negative Effects Of Poor Work Life Balance Due To High Levels Of Work-Family Conflict On Work Satisfaction And Psychological Health.  This Study Also Shows That The Main Causes Of Work Family Conflicts Were Excessive.

Issue Concerning Work-Life Balance Are Increased In Current Scenario. Equal Balance In Both Work And Personal Life Plays An Important Role For Attaining Personal Goal And Also Professional Goal. The Imbalances Have A Negative Impact On Both Personal Life And Professional Life, Maintaining An Adequate Balance Between Professional And Private Life Is Extremely Important. Well-Being State Of An Individual Allows Him / Her To Manage Multiple Responsibilities Effectively At Work And At Home.

The Aim Of This Paper Is To Know Firstly The Concept Of Work Life Balance, The Importance And Issues Affecting In Various Professions And Eventually To Find Out The Influence Of Work Life Balance On Various Aspects Like Physical, Occupational, Emotional, Social And Environmental Well- Being Of Employees. Achieving A Better Work Life Balance Yields More Dividend For Both Employees And Employers In Terms Of Being More Motivated Towards Work Which Results In Increased Productivity And Ultimately Creating Workforce Which They Feel Are Valued.


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