Analysis of Data based CRT Management Institutions in Rayalaseema Region AP-India 

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Kandati Sai Chandu, Dr. K. Ravishankar


The fundamental skills that are acquired by the engineering students at the college level have an overall impact in shaping the career of engineering students. In the later stages the extracurricular activities such as technical events, arts, sports and skills, has an impact on the overall personality development and hence increases the employability of the engineering students. The significance of engineering Campus Recruitment Training (CRT) programme has become one of the most credential in corporate field. This is beneficial for engineering college students, various companies visiting the campus for recruitment and even the college placement officer. The software system allows the students to create their profiles and upload all their details including their marks onto the system. This work shows the assistance of the campus management and engineering students to identify potential companies and attract them for placements. Even this work will help the corporate companies to find the right resource place for their manpower requirement from engineering Management colleges, recruiters, students and researchers, likewise conservatives will get benefited by this study too.

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