Transient Thermal Analysis of an Aero-Engine Afterburner Liner

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Apoorva Sinha, Aayush Kumar Jha, E. Vijayaragavan


In this paper, Finite element thermal analysis has been performed on a gas turbine afterburner jet pipe liner. Burnt air and fuel mixture from the main fuel system and afterburner system flows through the liner before exiting into the atmosphere via nozzle experiences a high variation of temperature across it thorough the engine operation thus susceptible to failure due to thermal stress. Simulations were done considering conduction and convection only. The FE (Finite element) model is first studied under steady-state conditions with constant loading. The analysis is extended to transient boundary conditions which are common in practical afterburner jet pipe liners to investigate the effect of temperature. Each of the parameters had a marked effect on jet pipe liner performance within the range of conditions investigated.

The research work has been carried out at Heat Transfer Group, Gas Turbine Research Establishment, DRDO Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

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