Consumer’s Problems and Ways to Redress in Indian Context 

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With an interest to protect and manage customer’s problems, Government of India has been brought out consumer protection act on July 20th, 2020, which overhauls all consumer oriented issues in India, which punish management authority of companies, gives strict punishment including jail and imprisonment interest consumers. Also giving awareness programme to all accompanies as to do not give false and fake advertisements as to confusing and cheating consumers. Genuine and ethical business activities of the management, shops and company would be fetching reliable consumer’s supports and strengths as to buy their producing protects. Reliable online transactions and business are able to sustain their believed and beloved customer’s without letting them to go to any other shops. Customers are source and income provider to be all shops and company’s owners in Indian context, Major strategy of companies is toward attracting customer as to buy their products through its reliable and trustworthy services. Company or management has to play an attractive role toward making reliability in the customer’s places because whose aim is at purchasing of quality products at nominal cost without skirmish and with the help of marketing professionals. They are the major and majestic part of the consumer’s needs satisfaction and implementing new products for the welfare of customer’s needs and necessities .Through attractive sales methods, all companies and organization is involving at acting and sustaining fixed customers for the purpose of customer satisfaction and company’s growth.

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