Development Of Small Shock Tube For Dıaphragm Integratıon Studıes

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Dr D Raja Joseph, A. Rahul, K. Harsha Vardan, K. Naga Kishore, N. Bhargav Reddy


The shock tube is a laboratory instrument used to generate shock waves under controlled conditions, it is a tool for experimental investigation of shock wave phenomena. It is a simple and inexpensive experimental setup that can be designed and developed for research and to study about shock waves. Basically, the shock tube has two sections, one is high pressure section called driver section and another one is low pressure section called driven section. The two sections were separated by a diaphragm.

The purpose of developing this small shock tube is “By investigating the probability and trends of shock wave Mach number that was observed while using a combination (or) integration of various diaphragm objects in a small shock tube”. In this experiment we used Tracing paper (Tp) of 95 GSM, Bond paper (Bp) of 75 GSM, Regular A4 paper (Rp) of 70 GSM, Aluminium foil (Al) of 0.2 mm thickness.

This work focuses on design and development of an experimental set up of shock tube to perform a detailed study on the effect of change of shock wave and Mach number for each and every material and its layered position in the integrations of diaphragm.

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