Influence of Demographic Factors on the Mobile Banking Technology Adoption by Customers: A Case of Few Nationalized Banks of Odisha

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Dr Sabyasachi Dey, Dr Sathya Swaroop Debasish, Sanjukta Mohanty


The rise of e-banking channels has changed the manner in which banking is seen by the clients. Banking part has ventured into the remote age and mobile banking which is the most recent expansion to the rundown and is good to go to make banking increasingly agreeable to the clients. It has picked up prominence among specialist organizations, clients and investors as it is cost and time compelling. Regardless of the gigantic ventures made by the banks in offering the types of assistance through these electronic channels and the previously mentioned benefits it offers, it has been discovered that with the exception of ATMs, selection for example the acknowledgment and proceeded with utilization of mobile banking are yet to get in a major acceptance among the bank clients. So there is a need to study the adoption behavior by the customers towards this technology. So this study attempts to explain the behavioral intention of the customers to adopt mobile banking technology by studying the influence of a customer’s demography. This study is done by using primary data and the analysis has been done using T-test and ANOVA, subsequently it has yielded some interesting results.

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