Readiness and Perception of Faculty Towards Online Crisis Teaching during Covid-19 Outbreak: A Study of Lebanese Institutions of Higher Education

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Dr. Nessrin Shaya


The study reports on higher education faculty readiness for online teaching and learning following the outbreak of Covid-19 virus in Lebanon and the transition to virtual learning environments, using Assessment of Faculty Readiness to Teach Online scale. The survey explored faculty acceptance of online education and how effective are the adopted pedagogical practices with online learning environments. Mixed method research approach was employed to generate a comprehensive final study model on key findings framed under prospects and barriers. Responses implied adequate levels of readiness to teach online, yet, requiring intervention to excel in online teaching, despite familiarity with the use of course management system and online discussions to support teaching, slightly positive perception that online education is as rigorous and efficient as face-to-face instruction. Thematic analysis led to an emergent status of faculty perception towards online education were prospects lie in recognizing online teaching as a catalyst for higher education pedagogy reform, confidence in use of technology, perceived usefulness for students pertaining to interpersonal development, career-life balance and access to education, while barriers emerged as doubts in the technological infrastructure of some institutions, students’ self-regulation skills, program applicability and job relevance.

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