A Review on Research Aspects and Trends in Solar-Wind Hybrid Power Generation System 

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Atul kumar Singh, Abhishek Gupta, Shrikant Vidya, Altaf Hasan Tarique


In the present innovation controlled world power is most important thing for us in everyday life exercises. We as a whole are unaware of the way that the sustainable sources of power are draining at a very rapid pace. Thus this is the ideal opportunity for us to move concentration from conventional energy resources to non-conventional source of energy to supply power. For this purpose hybrid power plant can be very useful. Hybrid power plants are the combination of two different power plants to produce energy. Among all type of combination of hybrid power plant, wind and solar based hybrid power plant is most beneficial as both sun and wind are universally available. The main aim of this paper is to examine of different aspects of solar wind hybrid power generation system. This paper also includes the reviews of the studies done based on the hybrid solar wind power generation system.

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