Identifying Challenges of Construction Industry in India

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Michal Choudhary, Abhinav Singh, Mayank Yadav, Dr. Senthilpandian M, Prof. Karthikeyan K


The construction industry ubiquitously faces challenges and problems. Though, in the developing countries like India these complications and challenges are present along with a general situation of socio-economic stress, chronic supply deficiencies, institutional weaknesses and a general incapability to deal with the significant problems. Being a composite, fragmented and planning driven industry, construction industry is commonly subject to challenges that constrain their accomplishment. This paper summarises the conclusions of a study and survey that targeted finding challenges of construction industry in India. The study was conducted through one fifty-eight survey responses of construction experts like Contractor, Supervisor, Site Engineer, Office Engineer and Project manager in India. The study identified twenty-one challenges categorised into five factors causing complications in the industry and ranked them both categorically and all together. Prior research efforts in the field of construction challenges have been limited to the investigation of how a single or a few specific challenges affects the construction project. The main contribution of this analysis and research is to assemble the challenges and problems of construction industry underneath one platform for effectively managing the process and to boost the performance of the construction industry.

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