Design and Modelling of Pest Detection and Spraying of Pesticides Robot

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Mr. Alan Thomas Joseph , Mrs. R.Ambigai


As of India’s growing population farm land and farmers are getting decreased due to our country’s rapid development process and other issues. Here a design is proposed for pest detection and spraying robot which will ease the procedure of spraying for farmers. As other internal factors like global warming and other climatic changes spraying procedures will be difficult for the farmers so as to ease their effort a spraying robot will be essential with ease of control through a controlling pad. As India’s rapid concern over farming land this robot will be a relief as the controlling robot has a microcontroller which will receive the data from the controlling pad through antenna which allows the movement of robot and spraying mechanism taken out with servo motors. Pest detection is been initiated by image processing technique which will be taken through the camera in the robot and obstacle avoidance with ultrasonic sensors to the front of the robot. As robot is more stable, waterproof and small in size with ease of movement.

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