Experimental Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Kevlar/Kenaf/Jute Composite Laminates With And Without Alkali Treatment

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Naga Venkata Sai Charan. V , Akhil. A , Anantha Reddy. C , Jensin Joshua. J


Composites are selected primarily for maintaining relative stiffness, strength and are light weight for a component.  This paper provides an analysis of hybrid composite laminate, which are alkali treated and non-alkali treated to differentiate the mechanical properties between them. The properties of the composite laminates also differ by various types of fabrication process used. This is verified by various mechanical tests performed. In this work, three individual fibers namely Kevlar, Kenaf and Jute are combined to form a hybrid composite laminate. Alkali treatment is done for a set of Kevlar, Kenaf and Jute as a surface treatment. Vacuum Infusion and Hand Layup technique are the process used for the fabrication of composite laminates. Tensile, Flexural and Charpy are the tests done to determine the mechanical properties of composite laminates. The final outcome of the work describes that the Kevlar/Jute/Kenaf/Kevlar/Jute/Kenaf/Kevlar/Jute/Kenaf/Kevlar/Jute/Kenaf of the composite laminate possess higher Flexural and Impact strength when compared to Kevlar/Kenaf/Jute/Kevlar/Kenaf/Jute/ Kevlar/Kenaf/Jute/Kevlar/Kenaf/Jute. The alkali treatment also helps out in advancing the tensile properties..

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