Organizational Learning, Employee Motivation and Organizational Performance: Indian IT Industry

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Dr Rajnish Ratna, Dr Navin Shrivastava


Organizational learning is important for any growing organization as its mechanism is to capture quality knowledge from different sources of learning process and make use of these knowledge for fruitful future decisions. The level of employee motivation is crucial for taking advantage of organizational learning mechanism that yields better organizational performance. 

The objectives of this study was to discover the impact of learning organization on organizational performance and employee motivation; and also to know the impact of employee motivation on organizational performance in Indian IT Sector. This investigation likewise targets inspecting the intervening role of employee motivation between organizational learning and organizational performance.

The data was drawn from 210 employees of IT sector from 10 leading companies using structured questionnaire.

The results of data analysis confirmed that there is positive and significant impact of organizational learning on organisational performance and employee motivation. Employee motivation has partial mediation role between leaning organization and organizational performance and it is also having significant positive impact on organisational performance.

It is recommended to human resource manager to keep and maintain high level motivation of employee for better organizational performance through mechanism of organizational learning..

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