Perception of Elderly People about Their Family Members: A Study of Haryana

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Dr. Rakesh Kumar , Dr. Sunil Deswal


Ageing is an emerging phenomenon in India. Traditionally, family played very vital role in social, economic, and psychological support to the elderly people. But the speedy socio-economic transformation has leaded to multiple changes in the living conditions of the elderly. Consequently, elderly people have lost their social life and social security. Such kinds of changes compel elderly to move into old age homes (OAHs). In India, the concept of OAHs was born for the help of non-resident Indian (NRIs) so that they could go out from the country without any tension of their parents’ care. The Constitution of India has mentioned the provision of elderly care in its Article 41 & Article 46. There are some laws namely Section 125 of ‘Criminal Procedure Code’, Section 20 of ‘Hindu Adoption & Maintenance Act, 1956’, and ‘Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizen Act 2007’ that provide guaranteed protection to the elderly people in India. In spite of that elderly people are facing problems at either they are living with their family members in more difficult condition or compel to move OAHs. By considering these views, researchers have studied elderly people who live within family and live at OAHs. The study has been conducted in Haryana for knowing the perception of elderly people about their family members..

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