Ensuring Responsible and Sustainable Business Conduct through Green HRM: A Study of Indian Perspective

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Dr. Noopur Agrawal , Mr. Tejas Bhalla, Dr. Pooja Talwar


Green Human Resource Management (HRM) is one of the key components of holistic business management strategies that can help businesses in achieving their environmentrelated objectives as a part of corporate sustainability and hence is relevant and important to understand. This paper makes an attempt to provide a brief but comprehensive insight of the concept of Green HRM and its various aspects and recommends the best possible ways to align HR Practices with coveted sustainable responsible business conduct. This research focuses on the Indian perspective of Green HRM. This research employs an extensive review of relevant literature using archival method along with real– life instances of Green HRM practices of Indian companies. Green HRM was noted to have a scope of helping to bring a change in the organisation to help achieve its environmental-related objectives. In addition, it was noted that businesses in India have implemented Green HRM practices in various ways. Green HRM is a highly relevant for businesses with a growing concern for the environment and sustainability.

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