An experimental approach for fly as a part of substitution of cement in characteristics strength studies

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P.Teja Sree, D.Satish Chandra


Now a days high percentage of motive of research is to use Waste generated in nature by human being is to be utilized and solve the problem of nature contamination due that waste generated. In this process our research concentrated on waste generated in thermal power plants i.e., output fly ash. This fly ash disposal is happening in current scenario is to dump in to sea or river near by that thermal power station. So that there will be contamination of natural resource water. To make this fly ash ecofriendly by utilizing it for the replacement of cement in concrete preparation. So that the amount of cement which is going to be manufactured will be reduced so that the amount of Carbon di oxide emissions will be reduced so as to avoid Global Warming. This fly ash is having physical and chemical properties which are pro to replace cement by little percentage in preparation of concrete. This research work carried to find out at what part of fly ash can be substituted for cement in concrete so that the different strengths of concrete like compressive strength, flexural and tensile strengths can have improved values rather than that of structural elements prepared by conventional concrete. And the research done in laboratory by preparing structural elements with different proportions of parts of fly ash in substituting of cement in concrete and tested. These test results were analysed and found the apt percentage of where the different strengths were found to be more when compared with that of the conventional or fundamental concrete structural elements.

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