Analysis of M-Learning Technologies and Approaches: A Survey

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SriPradha.G, P. Kumaragurudasan, T. Velmurugan


In this digital era, Mobile phones have taken over various aspects of our lives. Irrespective of the age group, the smartphone ownership is growing rapidly and this rapid growth has paved a way to utilize Mobile phones in our educational system as well. M-Learning platforms these days have exhibited a histrionic withdrawal from old-fashioned computing stages. M-Learning is an upcoming pedagogy which is being largely explored by various institutions to take education system to the next level. This article analyses various research works and identifies several advantages for utilizing these innovative pedagogies effectively via a survey oriented approach. The result of the comparative study identifies the rewards as well as the challenges of numerous M-learning platforms for the maximum utilization to boost the global teaching and learning skill. Moving in to M-learning will definitely make learning more innovative and interactive both in terms of students and teacher’s perspective. The various approaches, technologies used and specific applications of M-Learning process have been analysed in this work. Finally, it concludes the best suitable approach and technology is identified for teaching and learning process.

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