Grading of Factors Affecting PMO Implementation in UAE Construction Industry

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Maitha Taher Saleh Almansoori, Ismail Abdul Rahman, Aftab Hameed Memon


This paper presents a study on the grading of factors affecting Project Management Office (PMO) implementation in UAE construction organisation. The data was collected through a questionnaire survey amongst selected respondents who are experienced in PMO of the construction industry. Respondents were required to rate 28 factors affecting PMO implementation using 5-points Likert’s scale. The survey response rate was 85.5%, and the collected data was analysed using the mean score and standard deviation to determine the ranking of these factors. It was found that the five most affecting PMO implementation performance namely inaccurate information reporting, poor communication strategy, additional administrative workload, environmental challenges and selection of PMO manager. This finding will benefit the construction industry stakeholders in applying PMO in their organisations, especially in the UAE construction industry.

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