Effects of Lime combined Trichomix Fertilizer on Soil particularities and productivity of Chilli

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Nguyen Van Chuong, Le Mong Trai


The good quality and high yield is the main target of agricultural production. Direcct and indirect effects of lime, bio-organic and inorganic fertilizers have significantly been a relation with the soil fertility and crop inputs. The main objective of study finds out effects of NPK with lime and Trichomix amendment on soil chemical particularities and output of chilli. Field experiments were carried out in Cho Moi district with five treatments of organic fertilizer (processed 2.0 tons Trichomix per ha), lime (2.0 tons CaO per ha) and three different ratios of NPK  fertilizer (90N-60P-60K kg/ ha) were rated on soil particularities and chilli production. As a result, the co-application of 2.0 tons CaO. ha-1 + 2.0 tons Trichomix per ha +NPK increased the chemical parameters of soil and yield at all treatments. Whereas, the application of 2.0 tons CaO or 2.0 tons Trichomix only per ha exhibited a lower yield. The highest chilli production, which was obtanined at the co-applicated treatment of NPK with lime and Trichomix compared to the NPK treatment. Positive impacts of lime and Trichomix amendment on total N, available P, exchangeable K and organic matter were learly pvoved in different application ratios. Co-application of Trichomix and lime with NPK increased the chilli yield from 14.0 % at C1 (only NPK); 53.7% C2 (only CaO) and 68.6% C3 (only Trichomix) compared to C5 (2.0 tons Trichomix/ha + 2.0 tons CaO/ha + NPK). It should be recommended for farmers to use the lime and  Trichomix amendment combined with NPK fertilizers to improve the crop fertility and chilli production.

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