Association of Periapical Lesions and non vital anteriors- an institution based study

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Suhas Manoharan, Surendar Sugumaran, Aravind kumar S


Periapical  lesions may be due to  periapical  abscess, granuloma or a cyst. Seen only on radiograph as   radiolucency, root canal treatment is established as the first choice of treatment. Periapical lesion usually found at the apices of non-vital teeth as periapical granuloma , abscess or radicular cyst. The treatment and prognosis may differ according to the lesion present. This study was aimed to establish an association between periapical lesions associated with non vital teeth and its management . A retrospective  study was done based on  data analysed from 86000 patients records collected in a dental outpatient department.Excel tabulation was done and the results obtained from SPSS version 20. Statistical test performed was the chi square test. From the  total patient data  of 138 patients were studied and prevalence of periapical lesion was assessed .Out of which periapical lesion was present in 40.1% of the cases , in which only 2.2% required surgical method of treatment. Within the limits of study, It can be concluded that surgical methods of treatment to be done only if there is a persistent lesion after primary endodontic therapy. Its proven that non vital teeth without lesions are treated non surgically with high success rates and is statistically significant (p<0.05). Hence, a routine root canal treatment can always be resorted to before attempting any surgical approach. Regular follow up is required to assess healing of lesion.


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