The Relationship Between Extrovert And Introvert Personalities And Religious Coping Among Mpob Staf During The Movement Control Order (Mco) In Malaysia

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Ahmad Zaki Hasan, Ab Rahman, Z, Mohd Noor, A.Y , Jaffary Awang , Mohammad Rahim Kamaluddin, Balan Rathakrishnan


The Paper Human Needs Can Be Categorised Into Two, Namely Physiological And Psychological Needs. A Male’s Characteristics Is More Inclined Towards An Extrovert Personality And The Aspects Of Personality Are The Psychophysical Systems In An Individual That Determine The Thinking And Behavioural Features. Personality As Traits In An Individual That Forms Various Characteristics And Attitudes. Personality As A Set Of Stable Characteristics And Inclinations That Determines Similarities And Differences In A Person’s Psychological Behaviour. Data From Taiwan Shows That There Is No Difference Between The Number Of Males And Females Contracting The Covid 19 Infection. Hence, There Is A Possibility That The Covid 19 Virus Prefers Males To Be The Host Carrier. However, There Is A Possibility That Males In Malaysia Are Generally More Involved In Social Activities, Whereby They Have A Extrovert Personality Compared To Females In Malaysia, Who Are Predominantly Introverts.


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