A Critical Study on Copyright Violations in the Indian Entertainment Industry in the Internet Age

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Gururaj D. Devarhubli, Dr. Anjani Singh Tomar


Innovation and seed are the twin watchwords of a knowledge-based economy. The most astonishing feature of the emergence of new technologies is the enabling dissemination of knowledge in a hitherto unprecedented manner. Internet definitely allows copyright holders to disseminate and communicate their works to the public in a much faster manner but the same Internet has also facilitated others to unauthorizedly create multiple copies of a work and their faster and much wider dissemination, all unauthorizedly. In this situation, copyright law plays a major role in protecting the works. However, the approach to tackle such problem has been the same. This means that the traditional notions of copyright infringement have been applied to infringement through Internet. In this backdrop, this article examines the technological advancements and their impact on the copyright law of a developing nation like India, the role of judiciary and recommends reforms necessary to tackle the hurdles in effective copyright in technological age.

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