Acadamic Stress And Associated Factors Among Female Vocational Trainees

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Aiswarya Jayan, Anjali , Kala V Krishnan


For many years, researchers have studied the different types of stress experienced by students The purpose of this study is to examine the causes of academic stress among vocational school students. Furthermore, the study strives to investigate in detail ways in which academic activity can elevate stress levels. The sample comprises 120 female students of 4 different streams from a vocational training institute in Thiruvananthapuram of Kerala State. The respondents are given a questionnaire of 20 statements about academics. The factor analysis of the responses identified four factors: pressures to perform, perception o workload, student’s academic self-perceptions, and time constraints. In terms of the factor scores and weighted means, respondents prioritized ‘Workload perception’ and ’Academic Self Awareness’ as prominent influencing factors of academic stress among female vocational trainees.

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