Impact of Covid-19 on Indonesian Family Business And Future Plans: Case Studies

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Anthony Kasih, Christabella Chiquita, Anita Maharani


This study focuses on the impact of COVID-19 on Indonesia Family Owned Business, as well as the plan going forward according to their upper management.  The information will be gathered from both questionnaire and interview with the upper management of Indonesian Family Company that are based in Jakarta. This study has found that most Indonesian family owned businesses are affected to some degree by the COVID-19, but the impact was much more severe on businesses that sell products and services that can be considered as “luxury” items or capital investment, while those that operate in critical or critical adjacent industries recover their businesses either relatively rapidly, minimally affected, or even thriving during this pandemic. The level of impact suffered by the companies also affected how family values and tradition are being retained by the company, with the minimally impacted companies retaining these characteristics and the companies that are struggling letting go of values that do not help in the company's survival. Lastly, given that all the companies have to adapt to new operation methods be it government mandated or voluntary, the companies have found that tradition hinder the adoption of new methods and technology.

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