CIF: An IoT - based Pollution Awareness Model through Carbon level Monitoring in Urban Areas

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Bhagwat Prasad Chaudhury, Samaleswari Pr Nayak, Ajit Kumar Nayak


IoT has changed people’s life to a better version. It has proved its impactful presence to industries as well as to human beings. Not that IoT tools are used in industrial applications but also they find their presence in monitoring climatic health. To be very precise, it can be used to measure the amount of carbon content in air. As IoT has profound applications, so in this article we have designed a cost effective IoT based wireless monitoring system that will help to measure the quality of air. We have put three sensors in the device as we wanted to measure carbon dioxide concentrations, level of dust and temperature and relative humidity through a C language written API. The results obtained are displayed on website as well as viewed on a Smartphone for further processing and analysis.

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