Customer Intention Towards Self-Service Checkout in Indonesian Supermarket

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Dea Clarissa Safitri, Zaky Nurahman, Roozbeh Babolian Hendijani


The recent development of digital services quality models and the intention to use self-checkout technology in Indonesian supermarkets might help retailers to make comprehensive business decisions regarding self-checkout technology. The study is based on the Attribute-based model on self-service options by Dabholkar that used to generate expectations of self-service quality which is drawn upon the cognitive approach in decision making to test customer intention. The findings using multiple linear regression indicate that the majority of the respondents expected the easiness when using self-service checkout while other aspects did not seem to resonate as high as ease of use. The 153 survey responses were collected using a convenient sampling strategy. The collected data was processed through IBM SPSS software using regression analysis and frequency tests to answer the objective of this study.

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