Decoding the Visual Narrative of Atrocity in Sajad Malik’s Munnu

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Dr Sunil Sagar, Ajaykumar Nair


This paper is based on the study of Sajad Malik’s graphic novel Munnu. The study focuses on the nature of graphic novel, graphic/visual narrative, and its ability to circumvent certain linguistic limitations of narratives. The study significantly locates the discussion of Munnu in the unpacking and understanding of the notion of “space” and “conflict”. In a Barthes-ean sense, this paper also examines the idea of “reader-space” which is effectively accessed using visual narrative.  This paper futher examines how Sajad Malik employs the graphic narrative to present atrocities on the people of Kashmir. It examines Sajad Malik’s portrayal of Kashmiris as victims of atrocity and also evaluates the effectiveness of portrayal of the same using visual narrative. The paper explores instances from the novel to evaluate construction of spaces of conflict used to portray the plight of the Kashmiris from the perspective of the narrator.

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