Plight Of Mid Management Job Crisis After Covid Times

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Dr.Shaifali Garg


The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the world forward into an unforeseen catastrophe and qualms leaving no individual, industry unaffected by this pandemic. This crisis has pushed India into a real risk of long-term unemployment. Mid-level or mid management constitutes the backbone of any organization and is the most stressed sector, proved the statistics. Mid-level or mid management workers has faced significant challenges on all front due to this crisis. There have several causes of job crisis in mid management workers, automation, difficult to change line of work, less pay and more use of AI is among few. Organizations and countries must act now so that this job crisis does not turn into a social crisis. International Organizations like ILO have also helped countries develop a response framework to combat the crisis. With the mid management being one of the worst effected due to this crisis, it is pertinent to suggest plausible recourse measures in order to further save the mid management workers from lay off.

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