Computation Offloading in Fog Computing: Use Cases, Techniques & Issues

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Jyoti Yadav , Suman Sangwan


In this era, fog computing is a horizontal, physical, or virtual resource emerging paradigm that extends cloud computing to the edge of the network. Now a day, there are many resources hungry applications i.e. face recognition, augmentation reality, video surveillance, speech recognition, virtual reality that requires high computation capabilities and large memory, which are not available at the end devices. Moreover the distance between the cloud and the end devices may also be an issue for delay sensitive applications. This paper present a comprehensive survey of computation offloading in fog computing. It reviews different techniques used to implement computation offloading along with variation parameters. This study also represents that there are various use cases of computation offloading in real world environment.  Finally, open research issues related to computation offloading are also investigated to point out future research directions for the efficient computation offloading in the fog computing environment..

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