Identification And Classification Of Transmission Line Faults Using Wavelet Spectral Analysis

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Kusuma Devi. G.H Kodandapani.D


Wavelet analysis is splitting of signals in to small and transformed forms of an original wavelet. Wavelet transform is a representation of a function by wavelets. Wavelets are scaled and translated copies of fast decaying oscillating waveform. The main objective of this paper is the detection of line faults and classification of the line faults in the transmission line wavelet transformation. In order to analyze current waveforms during fault condition Discrete wavelet transform is used (DWT). The discrete wavelet transform has been implemented for power system fault analysis. Most of the work focuses on the balanced power system by using per phase and also analyzing the fault with different types of wavelets. Matlab/ Simulink is used to generate signal and validate the accuracy of the decomposed signal. It is inferred from the simulation results that the performance of the proposed fault detection indicator is promising and can be easily implemented for computer relaying application.

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