Feasibility Study of Different Optimization Algorithms with Integrated Cost Function Technique for Routing in IoT Network

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Anukriti Sharma, Sharad Sharma, Dushyant Gupta


The routing plays crucial role in the dynamic communication networking requires to be ameliorated. The purpose of routing has to improve the efficiency of the network by calculating the parameters like cost-effectiveness, shortest path, etc. In this paper, the existing search algorithms such as Base network, Distance to zero, Distance to previous nodes and Tabu search have been accessed and then compared for the purpose of determining the cost optimization for shortest path. A large number of simulations have been conducted using MATLAB R2019a. The results revealed that Tabu search and Distance to previous node algorithms have been cost efficient in contrast to other two algorithms for smaller node count. Further, for higher value of node count Tabu search algorithm surpassed all of them even outperform Distance to previous nodes algorithm. Finally, the aim behind reviewing routing approaches has to improve efficiency of IOT network by evaluating the cost-efficient shortest path rather to discuss applicability of Tabu search approach in IOT network..

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