Assessment of Climate Extremes over the Ghataprabha Subbasin of Krishna Basin, India

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Nagendra, Nagraj S. Patil, Rajshekar S. Laddimath


This study aims at finding changes and climate extremes of precipitation and temperature over a Ghataprabha subbasin (K3) by using indices provides by World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and Expert Team on Climate Change Detection and Indices (ETCCDI). This analysis has been done by using the observed meteorological data and the future projected from CMIP5, global climate models (GCMs) with four time slices under 4 RCPs. The results of annual mean rainfall and daily average maximum temperature shows an increasing trend and daily average minimum temperature shows a fluctuating trend with reference to the baseline period. Climate extreme events were also analyzed for precipitation and temperature. The projected precipitation extremes of highest 1-day (Rx1) and highest 5-day (Rx5) precipitation and number of heavy precipitation days (RR20) shows an increasing trend. Additionally temperature extremes like number of hot days (Tx30GE), number of extremely hot days (Tx35GE) shows an increasing trend and number of hot nights (Tn2LT) shows a fluctuating trend.

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