Digital Marketing: Buying Behaviour Practices of Medical Professionals

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Monika Pathak , Rahul Hakhu


The modernization has emphasized the pattern of living on a fast pace and additionally this velocity has produced an alteration on our day to day activities conversely Digital marketing at once created a phenomenon in transforming the lifestyle for everyone in adopting the current circumstances. Haryana is one of the medically advanced states of India and the Medical Professionals contribute a lot towards its realization. The main objective of this study is to realize the acquaintance of Digital Marketing by Medical Professionals with Gender as a Dependent Variable besides Buying Behaviour Practices, User Friendly Behaviour, Previous Buying Behaviour, Success Factors and Hindrances Factors respectively as its predictors. The study uses a survey analysis for 150 medical practitioners across Haryana. The results depict there is a encouraging correlation between Buying Behaviour Practices and Previous Buying Behaviour at 0.51 and Durbin-Watson index is 1.31, which is suitable for Digital Marketing Model..

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