Secularism in France Between Openness and Privacy: Islamophobia and Identity Dialogue as Models

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Mukund Pate , Dhanashree Tharkude


Employee Engagement (EE) drivers play a vital role in engaging employees. A lot of study has been done on EE. However, there is a need to study impact of select drivers on EE via Job Satisfaction (JS). Also there is need to understand if Age, Gender and Work Experience moderates relationship between these drivers and EE. In this research paper relationship between select EE drivers (Communication, Role Clarity, Feedback, Fair Treatment) via JS is studied. A sample of 71 respondents from IT & ITeS companies in across Maharashtra was collected with the help of questionnaires from 9 November 2020 to 18 January 2021. Statistical analysis is done using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) - AMOS - IBM’s SPSS 21. The result confirms the impact of select drivers on EE via JS. The result also shows that age, gender, total work experience moderates relationship between the select drivers & EE. This study is an exclusive outcome of pilot study. Further for the final Ph. D. study, researcher is going to investigate the impact of select drivers on EE via JS with the help of larger sample.

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