Career Development Program for Non-Teaching Personnel

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Richel Royce T. Chan


To realize quality service anchored on the institution's vision and to fulfill its mission and goals, it is essential that its human resources are competent, meet the demands and challenges of the 21st century, they possess the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary in the delivery of quality service to the stakeholders. This study evaluated the career development needs of Non-Teaching personnel (NTP) as bases in crafting a Career Development Program (CDP) for them. NTP conduct the utmost importance in the academic work environment as they support and assist in an educational organization's technical side. A CDP was crafted for the NTP that encompasses their entire career life cycle. The program starts from the employees' establishment stage up to their disengagement stage. The CDP's components focused on the NTP's personal, professional, and organizational development needs. This study serves as a tool to provide administrative management direction for the NTP. It will help identify, attract, and retain talented and well-trained staff with a long-term career commitment to a state university. Further, some recommendations have been proposed.

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