Exploring of Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Price and word-of-mouth on Yogyakarta Health Clubs

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Tomoliyus, Dian Metasari Nursanti, Japhet Ndayisenga


With the high evolution of the world which increasing day by day, it is very important to take precautions or evaluative measures to fight against companies’ competition which increases rapidly and continuously. The purpose of this study (1) to test the impact of mouth ‘word and price on the service quality, customer satisfaction in Health Clubs in Klaten and Yogyakarta, (2) to give sports management guide to the companies, (3) to evaluate the behavior of party complaints third in the fitness club. This research is an exploration study with a quantitative approach. The research samples were 181 subjects from 10 Yogyakarta fitness clubs taken by random sampling. Technique collection data by using a developed questionnaire. Data analysis using structural equation modeling (SEM) to test similarity and relationships between all variables.     The result from this study showed that service quality is assessed through staff, program, facilities, exercise room, and equipment. Loyalty and satisfaction were significantly influenced by Behavior; broadcasting news through mouth has increased customers in the fitness club; Price has significant effect on the customers satisfaction. The result showed again that CR value of 1.96 and a P value below 0.05 which indicates that there is a positive relationship between the variables. In Conclusion the company's service quality, customer satisfaction and loyalty are very important to increase the profits that the company always maintains good relations with customers. Companies that have a focus on the customer program expect customers to be loyal to the company.

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