Enhancing Multiple Skills Competency and Entrepreneurial Behaviour of Vocational High School Students in Developing Automotive Workshop

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Ulani Yunus, Yossie Trenanto


Nowadays, many entrepreneurship workshops have been created under vocational high schools' supervision in Indonesia's territory.  Skill competencies have been expanded in vocational schools through the Center of Excellent (COE) program to hone vocational school students' skills during their education. Vocational High School (SMK) has established an automotive workshop business by combining many competencies in accommodating that mission. However, the combination of those competencies is yet to be known when implemented in the automotive workshop. We observed the role of light vehicle engineering, motorcycle engineering, and business, multimedia expertise, computer & network engineering, syariah banking competencies owned by students of SMKN 10 Garut in developing PULGAR automotive workshop with the collaboration and support of industry, business, and the world of work (IDUKA) near the school location. Also, utilization and addition of tools owned competency expertise automotive Light Vehicle Engineering SMK Negeri 10 Garut, which can be used in the school workshop. This research employed a qualitative descriptive method supported by interviews to obtain the data used to determine interview informants using the purposive sampling technique. Respondents include the head of the light vehicle engineering skills competency, mechanics, technicians, promotion team, and PULGAR customers. Based on the observations using SWOT analysis and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) matrix, PULGAR develops well and get positive responses from people if managed professionally with a record of getting assistance from a professional from IDUKA.


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