Alone In The Interpretation Booth

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Dr. Ilda Kanani, Dr. Gentjana Taraj


The Present Paper Is Regarding One Of The Most Demanding Challenges In Simultaneous Interpreting: The Case Where The Interpreter Is Hired Alone To Interpret Simultaneously For The Whole Event. The Study Aims To See What Challenges Emerge And What Strategies Should Be Employed From A Pragmatic Point Of View To Complete The Task Successfully, And How To Survive In The Interpretation Booth Alone. The Methods Used Are Empirical, And The Findings Have Resulted From The Writer’s Experience As A Professional Interpreter And Intense Discussion On A Technical Issue For The Final Project Presentation. The Findings And Conclusion Analyze The Specific Interpretation Challenges And The Pragmatic Strategies Employed In This Specific Case By Making Generalizations To Complete The Interpreting Task Successfully By Overcoming The Hurdles In Grasping And Rendering The Meaning, Delivering The Message Fluently On The Spot And Surviving In The Booth Alone.

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