Plausibility Of Student Satisfaction And Loyalty In Higher Education Universities

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Dhaval Gaud , Dr. Bijal Zaveri , Dr. Anant Deogaonkar


This paper intends to explore plausibility of student satisfaction and student loyalty in Indian universities offering higher education.  The Indian higher education system offers education and training in a variety of subject areas such as the arts and humanities, natural, mathematical and social sciences, engineering, medicine, dentistry, agriculture, law, commerce, management, music, performing arts and many others. Due to its multidimensional nature and ultimate effect on customer retention, consumer engagement, and finally, firm efficiency, service value has gained a lot of attention in recent marketing literature. In this age of global rivalry, the service sector organizations are increasingly mindful of the loyalty problem with both their internal and external clients, while there are still no measurable involvements in the case with mere business companies. The findings indicate as the service value dimensions functional value, consumer satisfaction, service efficiency, appurtenant value, image, and social value. This study supports the notion that higher education institutes can achieve competitive advantage by focusing on value for service.

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