Building Employee Resilience through e-Training: A Case study of National Hydroelectric Power Corporation’s Unit

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A. Dushyanth Kumar, Dr. Sunil Kumar


Organizations have been experiencing VUCA situations due to swift technological changes, business competitions, and the COVID-19 pandemic and now its second wave. In order to thrive in these situations, organizations ought to prepare their workforce ready with enhanced resilience. Resilience is the capability of employees to recover quickly from a disruption situations, bounce-back ability and flexibility shown by the employees with their enhanced capabilities and desired work behavior. In order to build resilience and desired work behavior in employees, organizations ought to train their employees. The latest management tool to train the employees by adapting to electronic training method in disruption situations. This paper analyzed e-Training adapted in one of the power plants of National Hydroelectric Power Corporation located in Chamba region Himachal Pradesh. Through a case based approach, information was collected from organizations. The results showed a positive effect upon the employees participating in the various e-Training programs, trainees imbibed desired work behavior and enhanced resiliency. This study showed that the learning through e-Training method is more flexible and cost-effective in contemporary business situations.

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