Multiport Cuk Converter Using Solar With Battery Charging And Discharging Mode

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Fayaz Ahamed.A , Kavipriya.G, Krithika.S , Naveena.S , Pooja.O


Multi-output converters are currently being explored as an potential replacement to traditional DC-DC topologies, so that it will boom electricity density in low-power multiload packages. The system looks at a converter with a lift topology that may be customised to cuk `converter provide more than one output. The Converter which obtain multiple outputs incorporates two converters with identical front ends to supply power from one switch. A Buck converter can be used in conjunction with Cuk using this technique. This approach requires fewer switches and allows for the management and monitoring of all outputs. To generate a 12V and 48V bus, the proposed converter was used to interconnect with solar panel,  battery, and house loads in a renewable power converter system. Since it substances a 12V battery and a 48V load bus, the converter can be used with a sun panel. When light strength is unavailable, the converter actions to a method in which the 48V bus is powered by the 12V battery

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