Web Based Smart Mailbox System

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Y Sukhi, Ch Bhavana, M Keerthi, H Swetha, T Anusha, J.Alex


This paper is concerned with the issue of smart mail boxes that are used for shipment of courier items with or without the existence of person in the house. The main aim of this paper to build a web based Smart Mailbox System. This proposed system reduces the work of human in their absence. The vital part of the system is to receive the arrived courier in a safe and secured way such that no other person can open the mailbox without the required technology. The web based smart mailbox is implemented using the hardware developed. The software coding give commands to operate the developed hardware. A low cost environment is built using Raspberry pi. All the hardware part of the system ensures to have the appropriate components that satisfy required functions and the software part assures correct operations of hardware components.

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