Smart Classroom Monitoring System

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Dr T. Magesh, Vibhin V V, Pranav Kumar K V C, S K Mohan, Praveen J, Rohinth P


For over every college has its own facilities and unique techniques of management. So, besides the teaching stuff that every college has, taking attendance of students is a lot of time-consuming process. Even faculty is assessed with a particular amount of time for their teaching. Besides their teaching operation, they are given with a task to take students presence in the class. This is a confusing and a lot of time taking part for a faculty. Moreover, faculty has another major job during examinations. That is observing the student's activity and to take care that no miss-conduct of examination takes place. So, A particular faculty besides their main role doing additional roles which will affect their physical and mental efficiency. So, in order to Avoid that interruptions in their life and make life easy and uninterrupted. So, there must be taken an advantage of our technology in order to get benefited. So, Time is only thing that doesn’t wait for us. So, we must save the time and spend the saved time in an effective manner.

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