Site Specific Farming Using Arduino Module

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Annie Isabella L, Abhishek S, Advaid P Anoop, Arun Kumar D , Manimudi A, T.Jabamani


Farming was the first occupation of human beings. A country's growth is only defined by its prosperity. Food still remains the basic necessity for every human being. Still there is a lag between the necessity and the production. This is mainly due to less number of farmers. The crop which we cultivate requires adequate supply of water and nutrients for     its     growth.     The resources requirement for the crop yield needs to be satisfied by the farmer for better production. The project’s objective is to minimise the man power by automating the process. In  our system we monitor  the soil moisture content and soil pH content using soil moisture sensor and soil pH sensor. The correctness of our suggested system highly depends on how well the system can maintain the required moisture content and pH content. To reduce the erroneousness we are placing more sensors of similar type and getting their average values. To increase the efficiency we switch-off the sensors for a particular interval of time..

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