Hybrid Energy Storage System For Nanogrid

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Thiyagesan M, Notam munisaiyoganandh, Srinath D, Paarventhan R, Rajan P


Here we presents an idea of a nano grid integrated system for hybrid storage system. The nano grid means it is a single domain for voltage, reliability, and distribution and electricity sources are may or may not part of the nano grid system. Interface to other power entities in gate ways. In this project we are using sepic converter for reducing stress as compared to buck-boost converter. We are using bidirectional DC-DC converter is for charging and discharging of the battery to support the nano grid. And the voltage and current reference proposed in this paper provides the proper utilization of the solar PV in different operating conditions and UPS to the loads along with the battery storage management. A modulation scheme is implemented to operate the SEPIC for providing of AC or DC hybrid outputs from a single input. We evaluate the simulation in different modes of operation. And also we showed in hardware kit using testing lamp. And this project is used in military areas and some disaster places and weak electricity areas like ruler areas.

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